Navarro College Sports Ministry 

Navarro College Sports



“Sports ministry, that’s a thing?” “I didn’t know faith and sports could go

together.” These are two of the most common questions and responses

when I mention sports ministry to people. The goal of UCF Wesley

Sports Ministry is to come alongside the athletic programs of Navarro

College and offer spiritual guidance, mentorship, leadership training, and

discipleship for our student-athletes. We want to care for the whole

person, not just the athlete. With this we answer questions about identity

to show you are more than what you do. As we find identity in who God

has called us to be, we learn how to live out our faith in the sports we

play and our daily lives. The goal is not to be an athlete who happens to

be a Christian, but to be a Christian Athlete. This past Fall 2019 we hit

the ground running with the sports ministry branch of the UCF Wesley

primarily serving the Navarro College Football and Baseball teams. This

included weekly coaches and team bible studies along with taking our

Christian Leadership Class to the student-athletes. We are geared up

this semester to serve more teams across campus as they strive to

succeed on and off the field.